Car wash

As a car wash, we offer a full range of services related to car cleaning, that would be:


1. Car washing: in order to thoroughly and carefully clean your car from the dense layer of dirt created by the city's polluted air, which is known to also contain acid that damages the car's paint and varnish, our specialists wash the cars by hand. In addition, a special detergent is selected for each body part and the water jet pressure is adjusted accordingly. In order to effectively clean your car from a layer of salts and dirt, special washing chemicals are used during the winter period.


2. Salon cleaning: we offer you to choose - ordinary, standard salon cleaning or a more serious procedure - chemical cleaning. Choosing one or the other option, you can be sure that this work will be done professionally.

We use car cosmetics from leading global companies to clean plastic, leather, fabric. If you wish, experienced masters will give you advice on choosing car care products. You can buy these products, of your choice, at our car wash.


3. Washing the engine: this is a very important and serious procedure, because dirt accumulated in the engine not only prevents it from working normally, but also shortens the life of your car. So take care of your car early, because later may be too late. In addition, in our car wash, washing the engine and its base will not take long.


4. Polishing the car: under the influence of weather conditions, dirt and sharp temperature fluctuations, the paintwork of the car gradually loses its luster, and the body is covered with microscopic cracks. In turn, moisture penetrates through them and causes corrosion of the bodywork. Therefore, it would be desirable to polish the car body every now and then.


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